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    Yuxing International Logistics Co., Ltd specializes in forwarding goods to all parts of the world from the main cities in China such as Guangdong, Hong kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen,etc. Our advantaged routes are from China to Middle-east, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia and we have become contract clients of many Airlines such as SV、MS、EY、CA、CZ、AF、EK、TG、SQ、LH, KQ, ET, GF, KL, MH, OS, PK. We are able to design the best proposal for your shipments with best service as well as most competitive rates. 

    We have huge and perfect domestic & overseas network,And we can make all kinds of relative documents,do customs clearance and deliver goods to door.Our staff in air department are bound todeliver your goods to the appointed place within the appointed time.no matter what kinds of goods, urgent, concentration consignment, or import & export.
    To meet the demands of fast airfreight delivery,we have arranged the fixed airlines for concentration consignments with favorable rates and offer various choices for the most competitive and most reliable airfreight service.We can supply you with door to door service with our great international agents network. We can make sure that your shipments can be delivered to any place in the world and we have excellent resource to guarantee smooth customs clearance and punctually.